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Chin Ups and Pull Ups Are Hard, But Effective...

Multi Bar It's no secret the fittest men and women do pull ups and chin ups when working out. One of the hardest Exercises in the gym by far, the average guy can only do 2-4 reps. Even the best do anywhere from 7-10 reps within each set.

Chin ups are not only good for building biceps, but in just one pull up, your working a multitude of different muscles in your body.

Forearms - Biceps - Triceps - Shoulders - Back - Core

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Looking For A Pull Up Bar For Your Home...

Multi BarThis is the chin up bar I use. I actually found mine on sale for about $20.00 bucks. It only took me about 10 min to assemble. It uses leverage and doesn't damage your door to much. My advice would be use a door that is not use that often. Your weight is going to cause a small amount of damage but not to much, just a small indention where the bars are. If your interested in getting one like I have in the video, Amazon has them in stock for a good price:

Pull UpThere are basically two types of pull up bars available for your @ home workout. There is also the kind of bar that needs to be installed inside you door using installation hardware. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the screws needed to bolt this type of pull up bar. It can be a messy project, also keep in mind that the bar is only going to be the width of the inside of the door frame...

There's the kind I use in my video as an example. The removable pull up bar. This is the bar I prefer and recommend.

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