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More About the Low Carb Diet below and Why The Proper Abs Diet Is The Most Important Part Of Developing Great Abs...

There's tons of information out there about choosing the best diets, and depending on what you read, you may even see conflicting opinons. How do you choose the one thats right for you?


The right abs diet for fat loss is essentail to great ab development. What many fail to understand about developing the abdominal muscles in attempts to create the 6 pack they always wanted, is the ab muscles in most cases are always present. Its getting to them that creates the challenge.

Any number of sit ups or crunches is not going to lose the belly fat in that mid section needed to see the abs in the first place.

This is why the proper abs diet is so important when it comes to ab development; YOU MUST, I repeat YOU MUST eat healthy to have great abs and ab exercises alone will not do it. Take it from a guy who knows, ab dieting is imperative to the effective development of that six pack.

*Diet Tip: If you are a bread eater, buy bread that's high in fiber and low in carbs. It can be hard to find but its worth the trouble.

As we age the metabolism slows down. We don't burn Calories as quickly as we did at a younger age. We are also not as active as we once were. So it seems inevitable that we will not stay as trim as we were in our younger days. We tend to put on pounds easier and it's not as easy to take them off. But don't give up. There are still ways to keep trim as you age.

Eat a healthy diet.

It's important to watch what foods you eat as well as how much you eat. Avoid fatty, greasy foods. Limit salt and sugar intake. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains.

Make sure you get moderate exercise.

It's important to exercise as well as to eat properly. Walking is great exercise and it can help you maintain your weight. Get a friend to join you. It's more fun when you have a walking companion.

Don't skip meals.

Make time to eat regular meals. When you skip a meal you often end up eating more later on. You need to eat regularly to maintain your energy levels. Be sure to eat breakfast and avoid eating too close to bedtime. Eat smaller meals more often rather than large meals that can leave you feeling tired, bloated and suffering from indigestion.

Change your snack habits.

If you snack on a lot of processed and fattening goodies such as potato chips, candy bars and donuts you may want to change the way you snack. Switch to snacks that are healthy for you such as fruits and yogurt.

Drink plenty of water.

Reach for a glass of water instead of a snack. Water is healthy for you and it's filling too. Drinking water with each meal can help keep you from overeating. By making a few small adjustments to your diet and lifestyle you can remain trim and fit as you age.

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Most Popular Abs Diets...

Today I'm going to take you guys on a journey through the popular diet plans being practiced today. Notice I said most popular, not necessarily the most effective or the best for you.

One thing you must remember and many people seem to forget is a very large part of our genetic makeup is the same; but it's that small percentage that makes us very much different when it comes to how our body responds to changes in things like our diet.

This is why some people can eat all day and gain no weight while others can't eat one candy bar without putting on 10 pounds.

I'm not in favor of diets or anything for that matter that attempts to put people in a box and say this is the way everyone should do it. That's wrong, everyone is different and everyone's body is going to need and respond to different foods, exercises, diets, etc... differently.

With that being said, My advice creating a health diet for you is this. Look at these popular diets as a blueprint. There is some good things in these diets and if done properly with your health in mind first, they can be very effective. Many of these diets get bad raps because much like anything else you have those who tweak it to the extreme.

Tweak is the word I like to use, what it means is adjust the diet to your body. What works for you.

Trial and Error, believe it or not even doctors use this method when prescibing medication for patients if there's no baseline or patient history, and if you are new to health & fitness and you really haven't figured out what works for your body, you may have to do the same. Again, we are all different, what you have to do if really pay attention to your body when attempting new abs diets and workouts. Listen to what its telling you and record the results you are getting. You must learn what works for you. What works for me may not work for you...

Lets Talk About Carbs....

Is a Low Carb Diet The Most Effective Ab Diet?

Carbs have been getting a really bad rap in recent years. Lets get one thing clear. I'm not a fan of trendy diets. As a matter of fact. I would advise against them. The reason being is its not the natural way of losing unwanted weight.

Carbohydrates, along with fats and protein, are one of the three main classes of food. Carbohydrates consist mainly of sugars, starches and fiber.

Our bodies use carbohydrates for good energy and brainpower. If the carbs aren't used quickly, our bodies will store it. This is why its important to balance low carb diets.With that being said, lets take a look at some of the most popular low carb diets

The Low Carb Diet Plan...

Atkinsis probably the most popular diet plans going today. There are several different Low Carb diets to choose from.

But its very important to understand the ins and outs of effective low carb dieting. Low carb dieting is by no means eating nothing but meat all day.

If that's your approach to low carb dieting, your setting yourself up for a huge crash. I personally am not a big fan of low carb dieting mainly due to me being a vegetarian.

But cutting carbohydrates and eating a balance low carb diet can be very effective for weight loss if done correctly.

If done incorrectly, as many people do by cutting to much to fast and eating too little carbohydrates. This can result in what is known as Carb Crash. Carbohydrates are sugars and starches that are a source of food energy. When you begin to eat less carbohydrates like white flour and sugar, your body will burn fat as its number #1 source for fuel.

Carbohydrates are essential for good energy and brainpower so it is very important for you to understand what level of Carb consumption your body needs to function properly.

#1. South Beach Diet...

South Beachis a relatively new diet plan of healthy recipes that has gained much popularity in the last few years. It has been the choice of many music and movie industry stares attempting fat loss.

The South Beach Diet is a food lovers best diet choice and is a good choice for an affective abs diet. This Diet is broken down into thee phases.

Phase 1- Eliminates cravings and helps kick start the actual weight loss.
This phase is brief and last for only two weeks. This phase is used to stabilize blood sugar. This is what causes the cravings to minimize. This diet also allows you to snack, it actually encourages it.

Phase 2- Lose Weight
In Phase two, you begin to add good carbs to your diet such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta and more vegetables.

Phase 3- Maintenance -
In the third and final phase you basically maintain the and follow the principles you learned in Phase 1 & 2
#2. The Atkins Diet...

Atkins is based upon the theory over consumption of carbohydrates is the reason most people are overweight. Simply stated, it's not the fat we eat that causes us to gain weight, its the carbs.

Atkins implies that most overweight people are likely "insulin resistant,". This means your cells that convert carbs into glucose aren't working properly.

Never the less the Atkins Diet is a good abs diet when trying to develop those washboard abs. We must get rid of the belly fat if we have any hope in having a six pack.

These previous two the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diets are two of most popular types of diets out there for losing belly fat while developing abs; however, you must learn what works for you and tweak it if necessary. Your good health depends on it....

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