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Tae Bo Workout Combines Martial Arts And Boxing Created By Tae Kwon Do Champion Billy Blanks.

Former Tae Kwon Do martial arts champion Billy Blanks, used his martial arts training and boxing to create the groundbreaking Tae Bo workouts that is still going strong after 20 years
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Let me start by saying Billy Blanks is one of the best in the business. The man is still in great physical shape and has been in the health and fitness business for many years. What I really enjoy about Billy Blanks is he brings a spiritualness to his workouts. I have learned allot from Billy and his Tae Bo workouts are not only challenging but can be fun and exciting. You will learn the basics of self defense and Tae Bo moves all while getting into great physical shape.

Ready Your Abs Highly reccomends this workout series. rates 4.5 of 5

The workouts begin with a warm up and a stretch which is crucial to any workout. Beginning workouts demonstrate the moves in slow motion and then in time with the music so that everyone can get used to moving their body in these ways. More advanced workouts follow when you master the beginning videos.

Through each workout, Billy Blanks performs the moves with the class and talks the audience through each move, encouraging everyone to continue and not give up. He combines his faith with his fitness expertise to get even the most sedentary people off of the couch and moving their bodies.

The Tae Bo series continued with Tae Bo Boot Camp®. These DVDs are meant to combine resistance bands with cardio boxing moves to ramp up your fitness level. The routines are demonstrated slowly and then you move faster for fitness.

Tae Bo also has a series entitled Tae Bo Amped®. These series of routines use a weighted resistance bar to add weight to the workout for muscle building. Periods of intense cardio are mixed with kickboxing routines for increased fat burning.

The latest DVD series is Tae Bo T3®. Each new series adds another component to the kickboxing moves to enhance fitness and keep the body constantly changing. No two routines are the same and with this type of workout, tapes and DVDs can be alternated for an entire week of great workouts that won’t become monotonous. You are encouraged to perform a different workout five to seven days a week with a day or two off for rest.

On the Tae Bo website, fans can find workout schedules to help them alternate for muscle confusion and to avoid boredom. With any of the workout programs you purchase, there is an eating plan included to maximize results.

Tae Bo workouts do not use professional fitness trainers, but real people, to demonstrate the workout. They sweat just like you do. Billy Blanks keeps the workouts fresh and motivating so that participants will continue until they reach their goals.

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