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Effective Ab Crunches...How Do You Perform Properly?

Ab Crunches are just like any other ab exercise, if done properly and consistently you will benefit from this exercise. But again, any number of crunches are done for no good reason if you fail to blend your cardio and diet with this choice of exercise.

Remember we spoke about personalizing your ab exercises. If crunches cause you any discomfort, any strain, or even if you just don't like the exercise, my advice to you would be remove it from your regimen and find an ab exercise that feels more comfortable to you.

There are many ab exercises; that work the abdominal area just as effectively. And remember its not the difficulty of the exercise that gets the best results. Its finding the exercise you are the most comfortable with, so you can continue to increase the reps overtime. Repetition gets the best results.


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Proper Crunch Instructions

Ab CrunchesStep 1: Lie on your back. You may want to use a mat to help prevent any strain to your lower back. Bend your knees and place each foot flat on the floor. Make sure your feet are hips width apart. This is important for proper support and prevents unnecessary strain on your lower back.

Step 2: Place your ring fingers, middle fingers and index fingers or each hand right behind your ears with each elbow out to the side.

Step 3: Be sure to keep you chin pointing upward. DO NOT TUCK YOUR CHIN INTO YOUR CHEST. This can cause unnecessary strain on your neck.

Step 4: Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor. Pretend your trying to put you chest on the ceiling.

Step 5: At the top of each lift hold for half a second before releasing a slowing returning your head, neck, and shoulders back to the floor.

Remember when doing ab crunches or any exercise, its very important to breathe properly. Be sure to exhale on every upward ab crunch while inhaling deeply on your way back to the starting position.

As wonderful as crunches may be or as much as you may love to ab crunch...you don't have to crunch, crunch and more crunch your abs or waist into the shape you want.

Remember the key is to burn off the excess fat with cardio and tone your waist equally from many angles.

Strong Abs Are Often The Symbol Of Great Physical Fitness...

Below are some pictured examples of my best personalized lower ab workout routines..

Hanging Knee Raise

Hang from your low cost pull up bar fully extended with your palms facing you and your hands about shoulders width apart. Bend your knees upward toward your chest. Be sure to curve you pelvis as you get to the peak of you knee raise. You can also do this by keeping your legs straight when you become more advanced or place you basketball between your legs.You can find one of these bars for $20.00 bucks at you local sporting shop. Easy to assemble and not bolts or screws required to hang.

Ab Crunches  Ab Crunches

3 sets x 10 reps.

Basketball Sit Ups

Holding a basketball in both hands, lie on your back face up with you knees bent. Extend your hand over you head, with the ball in both hands Keeping you arms straight, curl you body up until you reach the peak of your sit up as if you handing the basketball to a partner. Lower yourself back to the floor.

Ab Crunches  Ab Crunches

3 Sets x 10 reps

Stick Crunch


Lie on your back. Hold broomstick in both hands extended above your head. Crunch you body up and pull your knees up so the stick extends past you knees.You can use a broom stick or mop stick to do this exercise

Ab Crunches  Ab Crunches

3 Sets x10 reps

Swiss Ball Pull-In

Get into pushup position with you hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Place you shins on the Swiss ball. With your arms straight and a flat back, roll the swiss ball toward your chest. Pause and return to the starting position. You can find one of these Swiss Balls for $10.00-$20.00 bucks at your local sporting shops.

Ab Crunches  Ab Crunches

3 Sets x10 reps

Swiss Ball Knee Raise

Lie on ball face up, with hip lower than your shoulders. Grab something above your head and be sure it won't monve. Lift and bend your legs.

Ab Crunches  Ab Crunches

3 Sets x10 reps

Dumbell Crunch

Lie on ball face up, holding a dumbbell or any weight behind your head. Raise the dumbbell along with your head and shoulders and crunch you rib cage toward you pelvis area. Pause for a sec and slowly return to the starting position.

Ab Crunches  Ab Crunches

3 Sets x10 reps

These are very in expensive and effective lower ab exercises that can be done @ home. Much of this equipment can be substituted with a gallon of water in a milk jug as a weight. Clothing detergent can also be used as a weight replacing the dumbbells. Broomsticks are great props to use. Remember it's not the equipment that going to get you and keep you in great shape. It's your will and your exercise.

It's also important to work your bodies core using a very effective Core Workout

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