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Baja Fresh Healthy Choices To Choose From When Fast Food Is A Must.

applebees I absolutely love Mexican food and if Baja Fresh is today's choice of fast food, lets make sure we pick from their healthiest choices.

Baja Fresh is most notably known for freshly preparing their meals which gets the big thumbs up. If you're going to be eating fast food, you might as well do it at a restaurant that freshly prepares your meal.

That means no microwaves which is a definete plus and no can openers. With that said, Baja Fresh is still a very affordable place to eat. And unlike many other Mexican Restarants, this fast food chain prides itself on using fresh salsas and spices. You can expect a 2 person meal to cost you in the price range of $10.00 to $15.00

Baja Fresh has plenty to choose from, but of course we are going to be looking for the healthy choices with the least amount of calories and fat. Remember eating fastfood is not ideal for good weight loss, but if we must do it, lets do it as healthy as we possibly can.

Lets start with the Baja soup and salads. Here's some great advice when it comes to Baja's salads. Beware Of The Salads! The Tostada Salads are all over 1000 + calories, so be sure to choose from the Baja Ensaladas. The are 4 of these salads to choose from but we are going to recommend the top three...

Our Baja Fresh salad reccomendations...

Remeber, adding salad dressing to these delicious salads is going to add more calores and fat to your meal. You have a choice of Olive Oil Vinaigrette = 390 calories and 31g of fat, Ranch Dressing = 260 calories and 26g of fat, or you can go with the best choice Fat Free Salsa Verde = 15 calories and 0g of fat. .

Soda The meals we want to aviod at all cost are the Nachos and the Quesadillas, both are extreamly high in colories and fat content. With that said, lets get into our Baja Fresh reccommendations...

Our Baja Fresh Meals reccomendations...

Our Baja Fresh beverage reccomendations...

Download Baja Fresh Nutritional Information

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