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Welcome To Your 60 Day Workout Weight Loss Program

Dear Subscribers,

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DVD Video Introduction

Welcome to the 60 Day Weight Loss Workout For Men. presented by Ready-Your-Abs.com. The next 8 weeks are dedicated to helping you shed those unwanted pounds, we are going to transform your body into a calorie burning machine by combining great resistance and cardio exercise helping increase metabolism, and train our body burn calories even when we aren't working out. If you complete this program exactly like its laid out, you will see major improvments in your body garanteed.

Weight Loss Program Diet

3 meals/3snacks a day.....

1. Breakfast: 7-9am
(Protein) 2-4 egg whites
(Grains) 1 bowl of oatmeal
(Fruit)Snack - 1 medium apple

2. Lunch: 11-1pm
(Protein) 1 grilled chicken breasts 6-8oz and 1 medium baked potato
(Fruit)Snack 1 medium pear

3.Dinner: 5-7pm
(Protein) 6-8 oz tuna fish Veg
(medium salad)
(Fruit)Snack Couple slices of Cantaloupe

Food Substitutions
(Protein) Chicken, fish, turkey, tuna, seak, egg whites, protein shakes.
(Grains) Brown Rice(brow or white) breads, outmeal
(Vegetable) All green or yellow are acceptable
(Fruit) All Fruits
Drinks: skim milk, water, cofee, tea ...wine on occasions

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Jump Rope - Pull Up Bar - Dumbbells - Kettle Ball - Stability Ball
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